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 This is a project started by our Company Kenya Solar Energy Ltd “KENSEN” to increase the uptake of solar energy in the rural parts of Kenya and beyond.
“Twende Solar” Initiative observes that Proper lighting is an important basic need, whose absence hinders social and economic development. It is one of the most essential end-uses of electricity in the rural areas.
The “Twende Solar” Initiative has observed two main critical challenges facing the low uptake of solar energy:

  1. Most PV systems require longer period to charge a given battery bank, such that small panels would take much longer to charge a given battery bank and the only existing solution is to increase the number of solar panels hence wattage of solar panel thereby increasing cost to the consumer In most cases most solar companies ignore this concept and within 5-6 months most batteries are undercharged and suffers from sulfation and at this stage the PV system becomes unreliable and consumers have to seek alternative methods.
  2. Secondly when the battery is not properly charged, it suffers from sulfation, the existing solutions do not eliminate this problem leaving the consumer to dump the battery within a period of 6 months rendering the entire PV system ineffective and expensive.

This program is set to begin in April 2015 targeting the first 7 mapped Counties’.  The “Twende Solar” initiative will target at least 5 households in every constituency in the 7 counties in the first year and double the number in the subsequent years.
Most of the installed PV Systems have not been successful; failures of the battery normally render the entire system ineffective within an average of 4-6 months, and with some failing within 2-3 days after installation. “Twende Solar” initiative acknowledges the challenges and with it comes the solution. Failures of the battery are normally as a result of sulfation, occurs when a battery is deprived of its full charge. In most cases, PV system designers do not consider the fact that the sun is normally available for 5-7 Hours peak, with most of the PV designs requiring 9-36 Hours of sunshine to attain full charge, this is not possible for systems that are used daily with single batteries, increasing the number of batteries in most cases again want an  increase in the number of panels for more power, charge regulators offered by most solar companies only have the ability to detect overcharge and undercharge, where in most cases the former is common, where all the regulator does is to blink warning the user.
“Twende Solar” kit is a complete innovative PV system that will put these challenges to an end while ensuring reliability, affordability within its target market-the rural population. Our system will particularly reduce the charge period to average of 2-3 Hours in most PV setups as opposed to 9-36 Hours; it also ensures battery reconditioning and eliminates battery sulfation thereby increasing battery life.
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