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Witu Solar Project

Artist Impression3Electricity production in Kenya today highly depends on imported energy, namely natural gas and fuel oil, while as the country operates below 1350MW instead of the required 15,000MW as at today. KENYA SOLAR ENERGY LTD has witnessed the high growth of Energy demand.

In the period of (2008-2020) annual electricity demand growth is expected to be (5.5%).

This will further increase the burden on Kenya’s economy as well as the dependency on international fuel prices.
In order to decrease the dependency of the Kenya’s on international fuel prices, to enhance security of supply and to shift patterns of energy supply and demand into a more sustainable direction, the Government of Kenya, initiated an Energy Strategy, it set ambitious goals for the development of renewable energies. By the year 2030 as per our vision, the share of renewable energies in primary energy supply is to increase from the current 5% to 25% basing on the proposed energy Act 2010. A number of single targets have been set, such as for wind power 1500MW (Geothermal about 5000 MW), solar power (600 MW) and solar water heaters (share of 30% by 2030), in addition to waste/energy (80-120MW) apart from Hydro.
Due to this need, KENSEN intends to develop a renewable energy project of 40MW to be based at WITU in Lamu County.
Witu Solar Project



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